Vendor Disclaimers & FAQ


disclaimer: the buffalo small press book fair, as a private venture, reserves the right to refuse the application and participation of any person or company for any reason.

guarantee: if, for any reason, the buffalo small press book fair does not happen on the date specified (or an appropriately rescheduled date due to unforeseen circumstances) or the organizers fail to provide the space as promised, a full refund of the table fee will be granted.

remember: for the purposes of this event, a “table” is defined as a 3’ x 4’ section of a table, normally half of one larger table. please remember to bring everything you need; your vendor fee only guarantees you table space and two chairs. you must bring your own table coverings, signage, tools, adhesives, pens, markers, calculators, etc.

legally: vendors must charge state sales tax on the items that they sell. by filling out the above contract you acknowledge that you have been made aware of this and cannot hold the organizers of the buffalo small press book fair, any of the book fair’s sponsors, or the book fair’s venue, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum responsible should you be found in transgression of this edict. if you would like more information on sales tax collection, calculation, and payment, please see the New York State sales tax site.

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions page is meant to help vendors of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair; if you don’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to contact us.

SET-UP BEGINS TWO HOURS BEFORE THE FAIR!!! That means 10am April 9th and 9am April 10th. No earlybirds.

1.) Where can a vendor load/unload his/her wares?
All loading and unloading must be done through the front door of the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. This is the easiest route and the closest to the area where vendor tables will be set up.
2.) What will be provided for a vendor the day of the fair?
Your table fee includes table space and two chairs. A “table” for this event is defined as a 3′ x 4′ section of a larger table, normally half of a rectangular 8′ banquet table. No table dressing will be provided. We suggest that sellers bring their own table coverings – remember, be creative! Bright colors and interesting table tops make your wares more appealing and make the entire fair a more interesting space visually!
3.) What should a vendor bring?
Vendors must remember that the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair will be providing tables, chairs, and the venue only. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE VENDOR. Do not forget: signs; pen and paper (to keep track of sales, take notes, start an email contact list); a table covering; change and small bills (please bring enough, running out of change can jeopardize your sales!); tape (to fasten signage); a calculator (sellers are required to charge sales tax, but it solely their responsibility to keep track); a friend (remember, the more the merrier – but you also don’t want to be stuck at your own table for 6 hours straight; bring a trustworthy friend that can share table watching duty, that will allow you and that to see all the fair has to offer and maybe even take in some readings and lectures).
4.) Do vendors have to stay the entire time?
Yes and no. We can’t make sellers stay, but the fuller and more diverse the fair, the better it will be for everyone. If sales are slow, hang in there, customers’ tastes are subjective and they come and go in waves. Wait for your customers, and you’ll be happy you did! If however, you sell all of your wares, we won’t hold it against you if you want to leave – just let one of the organizers know first. Remember, just being at the fair raises the visibility of your business or the work/art you’re doing.
5.) Can I help promote the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair?
YES, YES, YES. We welcome any help you’d be willing to give. We’re a small operation and it takes a lot to get the word out. Contact us if you’d be willing to distribute posters and handbills, and check out our Promote section on this site for other ways you can help (including banners and logos to put on your website or blog.) Remember: link, link, link! Links from your site, your Facebook page, your blog, anywhere, raise the awareness of the book fair and create the potential for more involvement.
6.) How do I pay my table fee?
Table fees can be paid in cash on the day of the event or prior to the event via Paypal. We do not currently accept credit or debit card payments. Remember to bring enough money to pay for your table before the fair – do not count on making the money you will use to pay us at the fair itself. This could put you in a predicament.
7.) Is it safe to pay by Paypal?
YES. Paypal is one of the safest ways to pay online. For more about Paypal security, see the Paypal website.
8.) Are vendors given refunds?
Vendor refunds are determined on a case to case basis. If you cannot attend the fair because of circumstances beyond your control, we are not going to steal into the night with your 50 dollars – just contact us and we’ll work it out.
9.) Can vendors accept credit/debit cards?
If a seller is equipped to make credit and debit transactions, the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair does not object. However, we cannot provide anything that will help facilitate these transactions. There will be no electricity or extension cords for vendors and definitely no phone lines – so don’t show up expecting to use a credit card envoy. We suggest something simple, like Square!
10.) Does the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair take a percentage of vendors’ sales?
NO. Your one time table fee is the only money you will pay to the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.
11.) What time can vendors set up the morning before the fair?
The doors to the Karpeles Manuscript Museum will be open at 10 a.m. April 18th and 9 a.m. April 19th. If you don’t have much to set up, show up anytime before noon or eleven. If you do require some set up time, then we advise showing up as early as possible. Set up CANNOT happen the day before, and don’t be late, we might break down your table or give it to someone else! If you have a table space both days of the Fair, you DO NOT have to remove your wares overnight. 
12.) Is wi-fi available at the venue?
NO. Do not rely on the wi-fi connection at Karpeles. If anyone gets, or has the password, just imagine all 140 vendors using it at the same time. It ends up being slower than a dial-up modem. You’re better off using your phone for Square and other payment methods, as well as general internet use.